Terms and conditions of the official Krikya site

Thanks to this information you can clearly know and understand what rights you have as a user. Also, what the company can and cannot do.

A user who reads this article to the end will never get into a ridiculous situation or violate any of the rules, thereby avoiding the blocking of his account.

Terms and conditions of the official website Krikya Bangladesh

Restrictions on using the site 

The company has a number of restrictions on the use of the site, which you will now learn about. You will also find out what actions will be taken if you violate these rules. The requirements are as follows:

Basically, pretty simple rules, try to follow them. Otherwise, those who do not comply await the following punishment:

You probably don’t want that, so we strongly recommend that you follow the simple rules at the top.


The Company has the right to amend, update and change these terms and conditions without any notice. It is your responsibility to check to see if any changes have been made. So you should be careful, just check in a few times a week and see if there are any changes or not.

Terms of Use

Now you can understand in detail what are the company’s conditions for using its product. To do this, you will need to: 

If you fit all these points, you can without any fear of using all the services of the company.

About registration and membership

In order to bet with the company you need to register an account. You can not worry about the privacy of the data you provide as the management has taken all the necessary measures to ensure this. Also, the company will make sure that all the data that you have entered were true. In this regard, it is more up to you to keep your personal information confidential. The company may also ask you for additional documents that prove your identity and age. You understand this is just a precautionary measure to prevent those who are not allowed from betting. In addition, your name and address can be verified by mail. You do not have to worry about this, as long as you are an adult.

The software license 

Of course the company has a license for its software. Don’t forget that it is your property and you have no rights to the software. You can only use it. You are not allowed to do any of the following things:

Just don’t do it and you’ll be fine. Otherwise you may be held liable.

Full or temporary account blocking

Of course, if you have violated the rules that you agreed to in the user agreement, the company can cancel any of your winnings, as well as freeze or permanently block your account. This can only happen if you:

There is nothing complicated about these points – you can see it for yourself. So follow them and you will be able to bet without any restrictions or obstacles.